My wind

           Kiss me my wind,

kiss me,

my forever friend


           Kiss and my children,

kiss them,

where years now will pass

to see me

as embark


for not returned travels


           No my wind, don’t speak,

don’t speak,

filled the soul crosses

like Kavvadias’s meadows

here to go

wind to blow

here to go

who needs you


           Kiss me my wind,

kiss me,

when will we meet again,

maybe sometime


as sit together

to Ship’s bow

when the trip

be bitter

and the memories be fatal,

when the mermaids

they see us

keeping the stars

and we will see

in mermaids ‘s chests

days of oblivion


           Kiss me my wind,

kiss me,

not live with illusions

that the trip will go

I will have meetings


© copyright, andreas lissovas



Original (in greek):


Wooden Knight

I born into the dreams

and from there I come in the world.

I don’t live many years,

but I am a nostalgic taste.

They crave me, they want me,

but they forget me

and leave me to get lost.

As I am lost,

never come back.

I am from wood,

and as I die I become ashes 

to reborn somewhere else.

Like the phoenix. This is my curse,

to born and die, without to live.

Because I am Wooden Knight…


© copyright, andreas lissovas